Home-Study Program

Let's Play Yoga® Preschool Teacher Training
This Let's Play Yoga® training program will help to prepare you to teach yoga to preschool aged children. The program consists of 4 Modules. The $450 course fee provides you with the manual, DVD, instruction and mentor review of the following:

Module One: You will be provided with a DVD of 2 sample classes using our Jungle Story curriculum packet. A copy of this curriculum packet is included in the materials. The curriculum packet contains student handouts and lesson plans for four 30-minute classes. You will also receive a copy of our teacher training manual. We will have a 60-90 minute introductory conference call to discuss the program philosophy and class structure.

Module Two: This module consists of a 2-hour conference call covering some of the children's yoga games and postures in the manual. There may be up to 8 other teachers on this call. These calls are scheduled approximately once every 3 months. You are responsible for your telephone charges. Karen will answer your questions related to the actual games and yoga postures. After the call you will complete an exam on the material from the call and in the manual.

Module Three: This module takes you through the process of creating a curriculum packet. First you will work with Karen as you create a "yoga story". After your yoga story is finalized then you will create a 4-week lesson plan and generate ideas for student handouts. You will correspond with Karen via email for this module.

Module Four: You will videotape yourself teaching two 30-minute classes using your lesson plan. These classes should have at least 3 children ages 3 - 6 in them. You may have more students. We do request that the same children be in each video and that the videos be filmed on different days. Karen will review these tapes and give you feedback on refining your lesson plan and teaching style.

Additional assignments may be assigned if your mentor detects a deficiency in any training area. Teachers must possess the abilities and skills necessary to safely and competently teach Yoga postures, and we reserve the right to withhold certification from any student who fails to develop the necessary skills. Every attempt will be made to provide evaluation and feedback throughout the program about teaching deficits that might impede certification.

Upon certification you will receive 4 additional curriculum packets to use in your classes . Each packet has handouts and lesson plans for 4 classes. Additional curriculum packets may be acquired by creating a full packet. You can acquire 2 packets for every packet you prepare. You will also receive a copy of any packet you prepare when and if it is produced. Note that not all curriculum packets are produced.

Recommended Books
These books will be used in the training, it is recommended you own copies in order to have references for postures and games used in the course.

-Yoga Games for Children by Daniele Bersma
-Fly Like A Butterfly: Yoga for Children by Shakta Kaur Khalsa
-The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water by Idries Shah $12
Any book you choose on the Montessori method ($9 - $35)


$450 includes home-study materials.

Books must be purchased separately. They are available at Amazon.com. Phone calls and mailing costs are additional.

Please email info@n2yoga.net and request an application.


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