Looking for more information on Yoga for children? Yoga for children has become very popular in the past couple years and is now being offered in public & private schools, montessori schools, preschool programs and after school programs across the country.

Kid's Yoga Books
Yoga ABCs by Deborah Ryzewski
Yoga for Children by Mary Stewart
Imagine That! A Child's Guide to Yoga by Kenneth Cohen
Yoga Games for Children by Danielle Bersma
Children's Book of Yoga by Thia Luby
Hatha Yoga for Kids by Kids - Yogaville
Fly Like A Butterfly: Yoga for Children by Shakta Kaur Khalsa
Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids by Jodi Komitor
Yoga for The Special Child by Sonia Sumar
Playful Family Yoga by Teressa Asencia
A Boy & A Bear by Lori Lite
(Excellent book for teaching breathing- available from Indigo Dreams)

Kid's Yoga Tools
Yoga Garden Game - Cooperative board game for kids ages 3 - 99.
Kid's Yoga Kit - Flash cards & music.
Kids Yoga Starter Kit - Video and Kid sized mat
Kid's Yoga Deck - 50 flashcards with yoga poses
Babar Yoga Calendar 2004

Kid's Yoga Websites
ChildrensYoga.com - Web site of the Radiant Child Yoga Program

TAI CHI FOR KIDS © - gentle movements to improve focus, fitness and
self-esteem. Learn simple movements you can do with your children, ages 5-12, to help them perform better in school and other activities. \

Research on Yoga for Children
How yoga meets public school PE requirements
Yoga for kids with asthma
Yoga in Public Schools
Information for School teachers

In the News
Child Magazine: Yoga: The Newest Twist in Parent-Child Bonding
MSNBC: Yoga’s popularity stretches to kids
AP: Yoga's popularity spawns a business instructing preschoolers

Parenting Resources

Natural Family Online magazine shows you how easy and natural it is to fold simple, holistic practices into your daily life.

Generational Blessings Sherri Eck is giving suggestions, based on her life experiences, on how we as an intentional society can anchor more love and purpose in our family life, through conscious conception, stellar pregnancy, gentle birth, conscious parenting and creating a family legacy with values and traditions.

Inspire Brilliance An advocate of major education reform and Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Dr. Lara Ashmore helps parents and teachers inspire brilliance in all children through creative learning experiences.

WITHIN Wellness Center, a not-for-profit holistic wellness center in Miami offering yoga, tai chi, qigong, meditaiton and more.

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